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Our Marketing Technology Stack

We are more than just a Programmatic Media Agency. Our Marketing Technology Stacks give you that edge. Set your brand direction with data led strategies.

Adopt an agile approach

Our MarTech Stack
Gives You The Edge

We provide detailed audience insights and data-led tools to create holistic award-winning campaigns. Giving you the edge and ability to adapt quickly to your customers and grow your value.

Deeper insights about your customers helps you to personalise content to different personas. You can be specific about the customer segments in your brand or acquisition campaigns. This in turn increases the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Getting the right message to the right audience, at the right time!

What Makes Up Our MarTech Stack And Why

A Marketing Technology or Advertising Technology stack, is a collection of technologies and tools that Marketers use to optimise and improve their campaigns.

Our two major technologies are customer centric, as understanding how best to provide value to your customers is tied to our marketing strategy and approach.

Data Management PLatform

Customer Journey Platform

These tools help analyse and optimise the ads, customer journey and experience. For Marketing Managers finding the right audience insight tools is crucial to help them gain that data-driven edge over competitors.

Data Management Platform

We use Lotame, one of the world’s largest data exchanges as our Data Management Platform (DMP). In most other Agencies, DMP services are expensive, time consuming, and difficult to implement and manage.

At Next Level we use agile methodologies and real-time DMP to capture a holistic view of your consumers to understand their habits and behaviours. DMP helps our clients deliver more relevant and timely content, products, and services to achieve the highest return on investment.

Customer Journey Platform

Our Proprietary Customer Journey Tool provides a detailed understanding of the touchpoints, the media attribution, and the time it takes for a customer to convert or interact with your brand on your website or across key offline touchpoints.

This Customer Journey tracking technology has proved to be extremely successful and customisable. It has helped many of our clients create more responsive pricing models, streamline product development and range planning.

We have uncovered in-depth insights with Multi-brand clients, with the Online and Offline Journey, as well as a framework to understand Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for our clients, digging into their ecommerce data.

What Edge Can You Expect From
Our Ad Tech?


Using data driven marketing insights, we’ll keep things simple and transparent for you so you can focus on your core objectives, in your business.

Using our Industry-leading reporting tools, we provide in-depth data that drives marketing results and grows your bottom line.


Programmatic Advertising is made possible and more effective with the use of the MarTech Tools and your Customer Data. Our two Marketing Technologies are used to validate and provide evidence that dispel assumptions.


With this data we can analyse the performance of a customer’s interactions with your marketing campaigns. We then use that insight to communicate proactively with your customers in a much more effective way. MarTech is part of marketers everyday life, so it is imperative to know how to use the tools effectively.


Our MarTech takes your marketing campaign and business strategy to the Next Level.

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