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MarTech Stack

Driving value for your target audience will make or break any marketing strategy. That’s why our marketing technlogies take a customer first approach.


Optimise your ads.

Refine your customer journey.

Drive the right customer experience. Every time.

Data Management Platform

Lotame, one of the world’s largest data exchanges, is our Data Management Platform (DMP) of choice. 

Often, DMP services are expensive and difficult to implement and manage in house.

At Next Level we use Lotame to capture a holistic view of your consumers to understand their habits and behaviours. This is instrumental in delivering relevant and timely creative that speaks to your audience. 

Customer Journey Platform

Our Customer Journey offering provides a detailed understanding of the time it takes for a customer to convert or interact with your brand.

It has helped many of our clients create more responsive pricing models and demonstrate the true impact of their media spend.

We have applied Customer Journey across several Multi-brand ecommerce clients to also understand their Customer Lifetime Value.


Our MarTech takes your marketing campaign and business strategy to the Next Level.

Risk Free, Month Trial

Now is the best time to enlist Next Level (NLOM) as your Advertising Agency.

At Next Level we are so confident in what we do, we offer potential customers a free trial for a full month!

After all, would you buy a car without test driving it?

Would you like to see a DMP Audience Snapshot of your actual website traffic? Take us up on our One Month Free Trial.

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