Lotame Data Management Platform

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We use one of the world’s largest data exchanges

Most Data Management Platform (DMP) services are expensive, difficult to implement and manage. However, at Next Level we are specialists in using this real-time DMP to capture a holistic view of your consumers demographics and understand their buying behaviours. This allows us to uncover the true persona and values of your customer segments to deliver more relevant and timely content, products, and services.

What Can You Do With A DMP?


Get to know the true demographics and behaviours of your target audiences and get to know the reasons why they will find your brand valuable. See who your high value customers are.


Using the DMP with audience personas to guide the targeting opportunities. Create and manage target audience segments using quality audience data at scale.


Reduce media wastage through quality 3rd and 2nd party data in your targeting selection. Know your high value customers and how to reach more of them, it becomes clear who you do not want to target.


With the right audience framework setup across your media we can follow a true data led approach and start testing psychographic hypotheses. Adjust bidding, creative and content to each of your audience segments to find what resonates best.

Discover The Actual Demographic
Makeup Of Your Audience

Using a DMP we are able to collect your first-party customer data from any source – such as your websites, email, CRM, ad channels and campaign data. We then break this down to gain a deeper level of insights into your customers interests and consumer buying behaviour. From there we can use this data to create audience segments to effectively deliver our advertising campaigns, by selecting the specific demographics, interests and behaviours within a targeting persona.

Example snapshot of the DMP Demographic data

To track each of the different touch points throughout the journey we tag our ads with impression & click trackers. From this tagging, we are able to track the touchpoints when a customer interacts with the ads (both impressions and clicks where possible).

It tracks unique identifiers, cross-reference cookies, device IDs, IP addresses and anonymously identifies new and returning users. We regularly touch base on the Customer Journey tools for each brand and evaluate the top conversion journeys in relation to volume, but also analyse the top journeys as drivers of revenue.

Understand Your Customer Behaviour

and many more

Find Behavioural Opportunities

This allows us to further understand underlying behaviours and connections that inform us not only about how customers behave in their daily lives, but also helps to develop marketing messages and also how to implement a strategy.

In the below example the data might tell us that there is a huge opportunity in the Lifestyle category where we see strong correlations between your top audience and their likelihood to also take part in massages, yoga and online shopping activities.

Example snapshot of the DMP Audience Behavioural data

How To Structure Your Audience Data

These combinations of Demographic data and Behavioural Data helps to provide a much more realistic and rounded picture of your Audience Segments such as the actual purchases for a particular category on your website.

This leads us to developing clearly defined Audience Persona’s to develop and test in our advertising and targeting. Into groups such as persona 1, 2 ,3.

So Why LOTAME, And What is It?

When we work with the Lotame DMP we can dive deeper into new insights about your audience segments and the people who engage with your website and campaigns.

“All your first-, second- and third-party data comes to us as raw data. Analysis uncovers patterns, letting you gain valuable insights.”


The deep insights of your customers allow you to match content to each persona and be very specific about the segments in your customer acquisition campaigns. This in turn increases the effectiveness of your campaigns.

“Most analytics processes use software, machine learning and automation to visualize data, segment customers and find trends in user behaviour. Companies can use data insights to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts, personalize content for groups of users or individuals and learn more about their audience.”

Find out more about the importance of second and third party data with Lotame.

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