Why Retargeting Is Important

Jul 26, 2019

Retargeting is positioning your brand in front of a customer when they have already connected with your brand.  A common example is an abandoned cart retargeting for e-commerce businesses.

Retargeting by itself is not the be all and end all strategy, which is why it’s important to partner with an Online Media Agency like ours (NLOM) to build a holistic strategy around your marketing efforts.

Purchasers’ journey

Retargeting should be the method to nurture your prospects through the different stages of the sales funnel.  To be effective, retargeting needs to be a progressive release of relevant product information, that is relevant to the customer at that part of the journey.

Retargeting with the ‘right’ content will bring in the biggest increase in sales performance.  Example of a ‘right’ content, could be retargeting with products of the same category, or the same product or next best product in the customers’ research journey.  

This should be seen as a natural extension of the customer consideration – search – comparison -shopping journey.   

Five smart retargeting ideas

Here are five examples of retargeting in different part of the purchase journey

  1. [display] product-based ads after customer has viewed or click a branded ad 
  2. [social] testimonial of influencers’ product experience after initial product page visit
  3. [search shopping] related products in the same category, after product page visits 
  4.  [display] coupon download & membership signup, after product search clicks
  5. [display] next best purchase, after the first conversion 

What do you need 

To execute a retargeting strategy, you may need to know a lot more about of the purchases’ buying journey.    This includes: 

  • Ad that was serviced, or clicks
  • Videos that they have consumed
  • Frequency and time gap
  • Emails that they have opened
  • Keywords that was clicked
  • Category, product or SKU that was served
  • Pages they have visited
  • Content they have downloaded
  • An estimate lifetime value 
  • Repeat customer status 

Most of the information is available from your CRM, CMS and in different parts of ads platforms. The challenge is to integrate these disparate components together.

Using data-driven attribution platform, such as Customer Journey will track most of this information and would be a key component for your retargeting.  

Next step

Can you apply some of these retargeting ideas in your campaign?

The best solution is to find the right Digital Media Agency for your business and start to build that holistic strategy, that includes remarketing. Get in touch with us to arrange a chat.