The role of continuous experimentation in media strategies

Feb 17, 2019

Experimentation Is Key

If we use the analogy of a racing yacht, a campaign (like a racing yacht) is never ‘race perfect’ when it leaves the boatyard. It needs testing and adjustment to perform at its best.

‘When should I stop experimenting?’

Never. Continuous experimentation is part of the new marketing paradigm, in the same way that R&D has driven product design, since, well..forever. From this point on, continuous experimentation should be an integral part of your marketing plan and budget.

Rather than see this as a cost or a burden, Marketers need to embrace the new paradigm for what it is: an opportunity like no other afforded any other generation.

The lament of past generations of Marketers

Previous generations of Marketers didn’t have the luxury of continuous experimentation. The analogue nature of print and the expense of television made it impractical to continuously experiment on different techniques, across different devices and channels. 
Their experimentation was limited to small focus groups in badly lit rooms.
They made decisions based on questionable, third-party information to drive their decision-making processes.

You don’t have the same limitations. You can continue to improve your techniques and creative, delivering a better ROI. You can achieve results other generation of Marketers could only dream of… and the heart of it all is continuous experimentation.

How, when and why

It goes without saying that you can’t be just experimenting. At some point, you need to take this information and commit…right? Wrong. At the heart of every successful new online (and offline) media strategy is built-in flexibility. Every ad you place, every social post, every piece of native content is, in fact, an experiment…without being an experiment.

The granular nature of the data that an organisation such as Next Level Online Media collects and analyses provides you with powerful insight into content and channel performance. This data allows you to treat everything you do as an experimentation, supported by empirical research. These insights allow you to adjust ads, content and media plans, reducing wastage and improving campaign performance.

If you’d like a first-hand insight into what this would look like for your brand, contact Next Level Online Media today.