May 19, 2020

One positive of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the availability of the internet and everything digital. Thanks to the progressiveness of the digital age Coronavirus has not been able to completely take over our lives. Although greatly affecting the world as we know it, we have still been able to hold on to a sense of normal life through digital. We have turned to e-commerce to buy our groceries and the internet for our meetings. We are still able to keep in contact with our loved ones through video chat services like zoom and facetime. Even those apprehensive about the digital era have learned to appreciate the convenience it has provided during this pandemic. 

There has been a lot of talk about how long it will take for things to go back to normal. However, what most of us fail to realise is that things will never completely return to normal. Instead we are stepping into a ‘new normal’. We have been forced to adapt to a remote form of living, working and being. Due to this we have embraced the convenience of technology and the internet. Now that we have witnessed this new form of living our version of normal will change for the better. The Internet and technology will be more important than ever.

How do you position your brand during COVID-19?

1. How can I build brand loyalty advertising and a steady stream of customers? 

  • Advertising your brand and assisting the community during this pandemic will greatly affect your customer relationship for the better. Another way to stay relevant is by offering your customers tips on how your products will make this time easier for them. It is important to establish your brand as a trusted information source.

2. How can my brand connect with how people are feeling and experiencing COVID-19? 

  • Ensure your advertisements reflect the current climate. Instead of promoting togetherness with examples of large gatherings, promote togetherness from a distance using social media. Host google live events, or public webinars via zoom. Facebook suggests providing an alternative customer experience (online vs. offline, home delivery vs. dine-in, in-store pickup)

As marketers it is important to analyse how the population spends their time online during this pandemic. Understanding how our customers use social media and navigate the online sphere is crucial to creating relevant advertising. A study by Nielsen on how consumers use online sources to find information and recommendations offers some interesting statistics.

35% of consumers are reading, watching, commenting, or posting about products daily and 59% at least once a week. 

People are consuming more social media than ever and the breakdown is:

The majority of people spend their time online and fall into the categories below:

43% of consumers are looking for an interesting read

35% are searching for information/recommendations

33% are just staying connected

It is important to target customers with relevant content and advertising that will reflect their needs. With more customers than ever actively engaging online the relevance of advertising is more important than ever.

So, how should brands and marketers prepare for the ‘new normal’?

To get an idea how practices will change post Coronavirus one must first understand how current practices began. Australia noticed a 45% growth in total weekly e-commerce sales. Retailers were forced to upgrade their customer service and ensure the quality of their products. As we all welcomed the safety and convenience technology provided during the lockdown restrictions we adapted our lifestyles. Now as the situation begins to change for the better it is critical for brands to assist the change back to run as smoothly as possible. Instead of directing all traffic to stores brands should continue to advertise the convenience of online shopping especially for those at risk. A recent Neilsen survey discovered that four in 10 global online consumers said they were already using online shopping subscriptions, and a further 36% said they were willing to do so in the next two years.

It is clear that Australia has adapted to the convenience of the internet and they are going to continue these new practices beyond Coronavirus. It is therefore imperative that digital marketing and advertising accommodates this. Technology is the reason we have been able to maintain relatively normal lives during this pandemic and it is clear it will continue to be instrumental in our day to day lives. 

Next Level Advice:

  • Stay transparent! Which will intern, build trust and increase your customer relationship.
  • Produce creative and relevant advertising.
  • Analyse the cultural climate. See how people are adapting their lifestyles.
  • Do not disregard online advertising and marketing post COVID-19.
  • Embrace the new normal!