Sukin Skincare Quiz Case Study

Jun 10, 2020

At a glance


The conversion rate of someone starting the quiz, to signing up increased


The cost per newsletter subscriber dropped


At Next Level we are proud of the amazing work we get to do with our clients. We are always keen to showcase our collaborations. With a strong understanding of the skincare, beauty and wellbeing space. Working with Sukin we were able to implement data-led advertising strategies in combination with smart technology and in house audience data tools. We have been able to help Sukin better understand their customer segments as well as programmatically serve ads to those groups, which helps to grow Sukins online presence and amplify how they connect with their customers on a personalised yet digital level.

Media Services 

  • Data Management Platform
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Display InMarket & Remarketing Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Data Management Platform implementation and execution
  • Data-Led Strategy

The Process

Development strategy

The main goal for constructing the campaign is to use data to drive higher quality traffic through the quiz, increase quiz completions and newsletter subscribers.

With the initial activity we were using a standard targeting approach. But in the second stage we were able to gather enough data and use that to switch to DMP audience targeting based on quiz triggers ( eg. DMP ‘actalike’ audiences most likely to complete the quiz and subscribe). 

Quiz process going through the questions

The consumer process for the campaign followed:

  1. Consumer takes the quiz 
  2. Answers the 5 questions to identify their skin concerns 
  3. Complete the quiz and get their curated skincare product results based on selections. (which can be purchased)
  4. By taking the quiz, they unlock 15% off by signing up for the newsletter. This applies to the curated products.
  5. Upon finishing the quiz, If they navigate away, we remarket to them based on their Quiz triggers. With that highly personal and valuable info, they are also encouraged to sign up. 

Constructing and tracking this journey was valuable. We were able to gather data and understand the customer journey as well as their behaviour outside of the site. Then we could develop better targeting and messaging across the display, native and social media advertising channels to optimise towards the quiz completions and newsletter signups. 

Identification of the market

Diagram mapping the ad stages

The Sukin Quiz is a key part of the data led media strategy. On top of gaining results from the quiz we set up tags to track all the customer data we are collecting using the Lotame Data Management Platform.  We would ingest the first party data and map that across to third party data within Lotame, the world’s largest data exchange. This combines the data trail customers leave across online channels and with various other data capture points. Cross referencing this data helps us to understand their behaviour.  Audience segments were pulled into buckets, and stage two messages was designed and adapted using those profiles. Using those Audience segments in combination with remarketing we were able to construct a personalised ad targeting and messaging strategy. 

We tagged up each layer of the skin care quiz with Lotame Data Management Platform to understand and construct:

  • Audiences + behaviors of those coming through each stage of the quiz and what they selected
  • Audience + behaviors of those most likely to finish the quiz (see top behaviours)
  • Optimise the audiences for those more likely to subscribe to the newsletter

We would then push these audiences back into our advertising to find more people likely to take the quiz and subscribe to increase quality of traffic and conversion rate to subscribe to emails.

The Ad channels used 

Display & Remarketing

Native Ads

Facebook & Instagram

The Results


increase in Quiz opens


increase in Quiz completions


 increase in newsletter subscribers

Overall we were able to drive better results by increasing the Conversion Rate as well as lowering the Cost Per Lead. The improved results occurred in (direct) paid activity, as well as the effects in organic traffic as well. 

From constructing the quiz we were able to track and understand highly segmented and detailed buckets about each of the sukin customer types that have taken the quiz.

Since implementing and optimising the audiences we have seen an increase in Quiz Opens, Quiz Completions and Newsletter Subscribers.


There were two major stages in the testing phases, when we gained enough data, we were able to optimise towards personalised remarketing messages as well as optimise targeting towards those most likely to complete the quiz and subscribe. In the second stage the increase in performance exceeded the budget increase, which shows the success of how effective the campaign was.

Concluding we can see the adjustment and pivot towards data-led strategies and technologies helped to improve performance in regards to quiz completions and subscribers. The database acquisition should also lead to a much more quality subscriber list and the ability to cater messages to the different segments based on their needs. An additional benefit is the insight gained from this campaign activity, which provides a much richer and evidence based understanding of the customer segments, their behaviours and what their major skin needs are from Sukin.