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Over the years we have worked with some of the leading brands in their industries. Developing some strong relationships and intellectual property knowledge.

The Major industries we work with are within FMCG (food & drink), Beauty & Wellness, CPG (products), Homewares & Appliances, Health, Finance, Education, Property and Parenting Industries.

Sukin Skincare Quiz Case Study

At a glance +26% The conversion rate of someone starting the quiz, to signing up increased -88%! The cost per newsletter subscriber dropped     At Next Level we are proud of the amazing work we get to do with…
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Beauty and Skincare in 2020

Lots of businesses and brands have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in the first half of the year. Although the pandemic has highlighted brands pitfalls and areas of improvement, it has also unearthed their strengths. The skincare industry…
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How to Manage the Move to Digital

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives drastically. The entire world was forced to quarantine and isolate. Due to this Australians moved online, brands shifted to selling through e-commerce and marketing and advertising adapted to digital strategies. Before COVID-19 our…
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One positive of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the availability of the internet and everything digital. Thanks to the progressiveness of the digital age Coronavirus has not been able to completely take over our lives. Although greatly affecting the world…
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Audio Media Consumption Habits

Advertising has always been context orientated, to produce good ads you must understand how your audience is using that media. When it comes to audio advertising, context is more important than ever. Your listeners will only pay attention if the…
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FMCG – Now and Beyond COVID-19

Coronavirus changed the world as we know it, we went from being able to buy what we want whenever we wanted, to making one trip a week to the shops and hoarding as much as we could. However, where there…
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Health Marketing – Now And Beyond COVID-19

Health Marketing - Now And Beyond COVID-19 As expected with the current climate Australians are more concerned about their families health and wellbeing, and it’s predicated that thats not changing anytime soon. The majority of Australian’s believe it will be…
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Digital Marketing For Finance – Now And Beyond COVID-19

Digital Marketing For Finance - Now And Beyond COVID-19 It is safe to say that Australians are overwhelmingly more concerned about their financial security as new restrictions threaten jobs and the economy. The Government is doing all it can to…
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How can retailers adapt and change. Now and beyond COVID-19

How can retailers adapt and change. Now and beyond COVID-19 The Coronavirus has affected all Australians and the economy; self-isolating, social distancing, avoidance of public places, is having a negative impact on the bricks and mortar retail market as we…
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