Planning Your Marketing Calendar?

The best time to engage Next Level Online Media is when you start creating your marketing strategy. Many organisations compartmentalise their media planning, whereas there should be a symbiotic relationship between your earned (existing database and organic traffic) and paid strategies, as they should enhance the effectiveness of each other.

Context is everything

Context drives all of our media strategies. It’s not just the context of where your paid messaging appears, it’s your organic profile, website, social channels…in fact, any form of direct or indirect communications you have with your target audience. We know that understanding how all the pieces of a marketing and communication strategy fit together are the key to building an effective media strategy that builds brand reputation, drives sales and exceeds expectations.

What lies beneath

Just as we need to understand what is at the heart of your marketing strategy, you need to understand what lies beneath our media strategies.

We start by working with you and your creative team to understand your marketing strategy and key messages. We then work with you to conduct a gap analysis to identify any areas that may reduce the effectiveness of your overall strategy (e.g. inconsistent or conflicting messaging, landing pages for both initial contact and remarketing, online forms and other qualification tools ETC).

Once this process is complete and we have a clear understanding of you and your KPI’s, we then set about identifying your target audience, using a combination of those already engaging with your brand, as well as 2nd and third-party data resources. The end result of this process is a sophisticated understanding of how to reach and engage your target audience in a manner that delivers your desired outcomes.

We can then work with you and your creative team to create and deliver the right messages in the right formats, in the right context.

Your media strategy

Your new media strategy is based on an understanding of your organisation and goals, as well as a sophisticated understanding of the best environments, times and ways of engaging your target audience.

Continuous experimentation

It would be foolish to ‘set and forget’ your media strategy. We continue to monitor and adjust your strategy on a daily basis, taking previous learnings and using them to enhance campaign effectiveness. This continuous improvement approach reduces wastage, optimises messaging and ensures that you are not stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns. Our ultimate goal is to always be improving your paid media ROI.


Visibility has become a buzzword for the digital media space, however, it has come to mean many things. Next Level Online Media’s approach to visibility is simple; we charge a set management fee to clients and take no third-party commissions. We also provide you with an online, secure dashboard that allows you to monitor in real time campaign results. Our team are also available to assist you and your team with any specific enquires of how the process works.

Lets start a beautiful relationship and take your advertising campaigns to the next level! Get in touch today.