Why media buying should be your last concern

Feb 17, 2019

New Media Buying Landscape

What most media buyers say is that media buying is about understanding what you want to achieve and planning a strategy. What they won’t tell you is that media buying is really about finding connections between your needs and the needs of your target audience.

Power to the people

The digital environment has seen power shift from advertisers to consumers. Consumers choose how and when they engage with a brand. As such, your priority should be to discover the most efficient way to engage with your target audience. Is it a direct call to action? Is it building your online brand reputation? Is it creating greater connectivity between your above the line and online media strategies? Is it providing them with the information to make more informed decisions?

Context is everything

When and where your marketing messaging appears, and how they appear has a more significant impact on the success of your marketing than anything else. The best time to begin to influence your target audiences’ behaviour is when they are seeking a solution to a problem, not necessarily when they are ready to purchase. If you wait until a potential new customer is willing to buy, chances are you are too late. Influencing potential new customers at the genesis of their discovery journey is key to them making an emotional commitment to your product or service.

You only know what you know

The new media paradigm affords you something you never had before: the opportunity to fail fast. Advertisers are afraid to fail, so they make safe decisions, which deliver (at best) anaemic results. The new media environment allows you to experiment with new approaches, unearthing entirely new ways to engage and invigorate your target audiences. It’s how you develop game-changing media strategies that enable you to break from past performances and produce stellar results. This is where Next Level Online Media can help.

Next Level Online Media’s process

Next Level Online Media was born in the new media environment, which means it is not mired in the past. Our process is designed to inform our clients of the opportunities that this complex and highly sophisticated new media landscape offers. Helping you understand this ever-changing media landscape is the role of Next Level Online Media. We start afresh, allowing us to design and deliver media strategy that exceeds expectations. The key to this is our discovery process. We review where you have been, where you are today and where you want to be. We also benchmark you against your competitors and research the best opportunities to reach new customers and advise you on the right context in which to deliver your marketing messages. Our goal is complete transparency on every aspect of how we create, manage, and deliver your media strategy.