MarTech is the key to your competitive advantage in the market

What is Marketing Technology? Mar Tech for short. Is a broad term used to encompass many tools and technologies to better help marketing managers to leverage, plan, execute and measure their marketing campaigns. They are becoming more essential than ever for marketers to streamline their marketing efforts and enable them to constantly evolve, analyse and understand how to best connect with their target audience and customers. The suite of tools they leverage is also referred to as the MarTech Stack. 

There are a number of different MarTech tools and many versions of these technologies, which can be overwhelming for marketers to choose from. The many types can fall into these main categories: 

  • Data Management Platforms ( find out more about our DMP)
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Personalisation 
  • Market Automation 
  • Analytics 
  • Measurement ( Find out more about our Customer Journey Tool

From experience we know why implementing these tools are so valuable as they generally show positive Return On Investment within 12 months of using them. The biggest challenge for marketers is knowing which options to choose and how to integrate those tools smoothly with their current martech stack and campaigns. 

There is a definite growth with investments in Mar Tech. MarTech Conference Chair, Scott Brinker has discussed with MarTechToday 

“As the number of martech solutions continues to grow — martech roles have become more systematic in the ways they are connected.” 

Scott Brinker

Which goes to show that job roles and needs are stepping inline with the tech investment decisions Marketing Managers are making. “26% of enterprise marketing budgets are being allocated toward martech.”

Marketers want to know in more detail who their audience actually is ( their changing behaviours) and understanding what the Customer Experience looks like. Taking into account how the advertising campaigns have on that journey even if indirectly. Which is why as a Marketing Agency specialising in Digital Marketing we have included in our MarTech Stack offering the Data Management Platform and our proprietary Customer Journey Platform. If you were interested in learning more about what each of these do and how they could make a significant impact in growing your marketing strategy, check them out below. 

The MarTech landscape is exciting and has the best potential to grow. However, there is a big IF here. If managed and implemented quickly and smoothly Customer Centric Marketing Technology could really take your Return on Investment to the Next Level. However, there have been a lot of dreams about a single-customer-view and its ever-elusive ‘personalisation at scale’. Most of the reasons these goals fall short, as Matt Popkes has put it in Ad News is the “potential lack of understanding or planning for the ongoing resources and expertise that will be required.”

The underutilisation of MarTech in internal marketing teams is further hurt when the implementation time as well as delayed results dulls the luster. On top of that, if the information is siloed it really limits how effective the insights and optimizations can be across the whole business.  

How we approach it differently

CMOs and Marketing Managers can find much more appeal in strategic and technologically savvy agencies like Next Level, who offer close client relationships and in-depth understanding of your business. We are best placed to provide relevant and regular martech integration that aligns with the entire marketing calendar and conversion funnel. The reason why our clients find our MarTech Stack so appealing is because we simplify and speed up the implementation as well as are able to see insights and turn them into results much quicker than the industry standard 12 months timeline. 

Award winning agency that implements martech in weeks not months.  How much does waiting cost you? 

In a post pandemic world, when results and accountability are key we provide you with in-depth data and flexibility to capitalise on market trends. In short we make the complex simple, without the cost. Big agency thinking boutique agency agility. Get in touch.


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