Your journey with Next Level Online Media

Feb 17, 2019


Each step in your journey with Next Level Online Media is designed to guide you reach deeper into understanding your customers and the value your ads can provide. Shining light onto new customers and revealing the hidden potential of your brand.

When you’re looking for an Online Media Agency here’s some steps, to get a better understanding on what to expect.

Getting your feet wet

When you engage our Digital Media Agency our initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss your business, your experience, your pain points and what you want to achieve. It is also a chance to discuss or define your media KPI’s. This first meeting is also an opportunity for you to discuss what you expect from our relationship, and the resources we can bring to your media management.

Learning the ropes

We start with ‘deep dive’ analysis of your analytics and ad accounts, revealing how you are attracting and engaging with your target audience.  This ‘deep dive’ analysis can include your internal customer data, as well as data from Google, social media, publishers, other third-party data and our own proprietary research and attribution modelling tools. We use this information to define and refine your target audience profiles.

Situational awareness

Once we have defined and refined your target audience profiles, we use these profiles to optimise channel selection. We then arrange a discussion to help you understand how we intend to increase the reach and targeting of your media strategy. We also discuss the importance of the context of creative and content.

Mapping your journey

Once we have a consensus on where to reach your target audience, we then build strategy to define how. This is an opportunity to bring together your marketing, creative and media team into the discussion. It is also an opportunity to discuss how your new media strategy can complement your SEO strategy.

Dive in

Once you have approved your media strategy, and developed your creative and content, we then set about implementing your strategy. This process typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. This process also includes establishing your online dashboard that allows you to have 24/7 visibility over your media strategy.

Adapting to your new environment

Your media strategy is not set in stone. It is a living organism, and as such needs to adapt to thrive. In the first 2 to 6 weeks we will test content in different context to see what delivers the desired outcomes. We will also continually adjust our media strategy based, with the same aims. This trial process is one of the most beneficial aspects of the service we provide, as it helps optimise your marketing ROI.

Diving with friends

Our promise is to help you understand what happens below the surface of your media strategy. To deliver on this promise, we agree to a schedule of face to face strategy and campaign reviews. This is your chance to ask questions, and for us to provide answers based on empirical data and our professional experience. It is also a chance to review budget allocations and respond to underperforming channels and creative. It is also a chance to engage with your creative and marketing teams.

Using your experience

The hallmark of many media strategies is diminishing returns. Our long-term strategy is the exact opposite. We believe that through continuous monitoring of your campaigns we can discover new and exciting ways to optimise results. We also use our deep understanding of the ever-changing media environment to ensure you understand both the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

If partnering with an Online Media Agency is right for your business. Let’s start a beautiful relationship and take your advertising campaigns to the next level! Get in touch today.