How to Manage the Move to Digital

May 28, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives drastically. The entire world was forced to quarantine and isolate. Due to this Australians moved online, brands shifted to selling through e-commerce and marketing and advertising adapted to digital strategies. Before COVID-19 our nation accepted digital however, now we rely on it. Although we are all on digital media it is important to learn how to execute digital marketing and advertising in a clever way.

Due to the pandemic and everyone being at home Nielsen predicts as much as a +60% increase in the amount of video content we watch daily. As the pandemic continues time spent per viewer – watching the news and entertainment is increasing, as everyone is trying to stay informed.

The use of social media has also increased. People around the world are all trying to stay connected and informed. Nielsen tracked the mention of Coronavirus or COVID-19 through Twitter.

This spike clearly shows the rise of online social media usage. With mentions growing by +90,000 in under five days. Twitter wasn’t the only social media platform that noticed an increase. Facebook noticed a huge 80% increase and Instagram and YouTube noticed almost 40% increase in Covid-19 messaging.

Engagement has increased

With heightened levels of engagement, it is important that your marketing and advertising is relevant to the topics your audience is interested in. We have noticed a global shift in interest, as the pandemic worsened the population became more interested in information versus entertainment. Along with the shift in interest came the shift in viewing times. As workers no longer have to commute home from work the amount of people engaging with your ads increases right after work hours end. It is important to adjust the advertising schedule to accommodate for these behavioural changes.

Looking back at past shifts is important to help anticipate future changes. As we move towards this ‘new normal’ interests will change again. As sport returns to our screens Aussies will tune in with more expectation than ever before. This makes it more important than ever to have a strong and agile media plan. With audiences more engaged than ever before advertisements must be interesting and relevant so that they stick in the minds of customers.

Word of mouth is influencing purchasing decisions

As Australian consumers are engaging more online, word-of-mouth and real life conversations have a stronger influence on consumers’ minds and, therefore, their purchasing decisions. It is important that during this shift to digital to ensure that your brand is focusing on quality and transparency. Australians are talking with each other about what can help their current and future needs. With the inability to measure the quality of what is being advertised word of mouth has become the deciding factor on whether something is worth purchasing. A study by Neilsen shows how important ‘word of mouth’ is for digital marketing and advertising (especially in social media, it’s so easy to share).

Neilsen also found that 56% of Australians say they talk about products, services or stores at least once a week. 

Next Level’s Advice

While we are more engaged online than ever before, the quality of products and services are more important than ever. Understanding the relationship with digital and real life will have a direct impact on the efficiency of marketing campaigns for your brand.