Digital Marketing For Finance – Now And Beyond COVID-19

Apr 29, 2020

Digital Marketing For Finance – Now And Beyond COVID-19

It is safe to say that Australians are overwhelmingly more concerned about their financial security as new restrictions threaten jobs and the economy. The Government is doing all it can to get businesses and the economy through this tough time with Jobkeeper as well as other stimulus packages however, only  1 in 2 people have confidence in the government’s ability to handle this crisis.

Consumer Sentiment

People are increasingly worried that Coronavirus will be worse than an economic recession the risk of job loss with concern from 19% growing to 64% within 2 weeks in March. On a proactive note Australian’s are also looking for support and intend to be more proactive about financial planning and security from 22% growing to 60% within 2 weeks in March.

Data from Kantar

Australians are keeping a closer eye on their finances and taking conservative action, which will impact the financial sector. Impacting accountants, lending, investing, insurance and superannuation. Across the world there is a notable increase in consumers expecting the situation to have a big or dramatic impact on their personal finances and the economy. But the future is uncertain which is why so many are looking to be more proactive about their finances, be it personal or business. 

Looking at Google trends and search interest over the past 30 days, you can see a slight increase in “accountant” and “financial advice” in April. 

However the most notable patterns show a strong change from March in search terms like “superannuation”, “loan”, “insurance” and “tax”.

So what does this mean for those working in the financial sector?

It is important to be present and provide assurances of stability and opportunities within people’s financial situations, making the most of the additional support provided by the government and businesses. Especially now in this current climate, current clients and prospective clients will look to you as their trusted advisor and therefore trust your brand.

Next Level Advice

People are looking to trusted brands to provide them with safety and security in uncertain times. 

Anyone with knowledge on their sector can position themselves as a trusted brand. If you provide a surplus of information and educate your clients on the current climate and future expectations they will consider you a trusted source, helping to guide them through these uncertain times. We know in marketing that trust is crucial, build trust and you build business. Be transparent and available to answer questions and you will notice an increase in your clients and client relationships.

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