Data Driven Marketing Strategy – Benetas Case Study

Sep 6, 2019

AMI National Award Winner!

For Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Data Driven Marketing Strategy With Benetas

“We partnered with Next Level Online Marketing to create a data led strategy. Our goal was to be in a position to achieve sustainable growth, and learn to succeed in this market.”

Interested to know why we are winning awards with Marketing Data and Insights leading our strategy? See the award winning case study below. This outlines a beautiful partnership with Benetas Aged Care and NLOM: Next Level Online Marketing – an Online Marketing Agency based in Melbourne.

The Problem

Home care for those in need

Home care is an aged care service delivered in your own home, providing customers with the right support to maintain their quality of life within their homes and communities.

Customers have direct access to government funding and the power to choose their provider and the services they require. However, they often wait over 18 months from application to receipt of a home care package. The process is confusing and poorly explained. Against this background, Benetas saw declining Home Care enquiries and client admissions, based on government constraints and increasing competitor activity.

Partnering together we established a marketing plan to create a data-led strategy. The goal was to generate high-quality leads and achieve sustainable growth.

New monthly objectives were created to increase:
● Web visits
● Website engagement
● Online conversion
● Phone and email enquiries
● Client admissions

The Solution


We identified that our strategy should be to engage potential customers with educational content, testing, learning and optimising paid media, developing appropriate creative/ messages and utilising our data management platform to target the right people, with the right message at the right time.

Engaging educational content

The Benetas staff often answer customer queries about how to apply for funding and what to do in the process, rather than selling services. With the goal of helping customers before they call, we used customer insights to develop a series of articles and blogs hosted on the Benetas website. These articles would help individuals navigate the home care package process and support individuals when they reach key moments of action.

“Benetas Home Care empowers older people to live their preferred life at home and within their community and offers support and information for individuals navigating the ageing journey.”

Testing, learning and optimising

We implemented a multi-media digital advertising campaign using Facebook, Google, display, display remarketing and native advertising. Each media was assigned a goal for talking to our audiences (Awareness, Engagement or Conversion), and appropriate metrics to allow us to manage progress. We created multiple message and creative variations to be tested, analysed and optimised to reach goals specific to the media.

Reach relevant customers using insights

We used the data management platform (DMP) to define specific audience profiles (personas) based on the interests, age, demographics and unique online behaviours of people who visit our website.

We then tested the Benetas creative messages on these personas to learn how each persona engaged with the ads and which brings website traffic and sales.

From this, we created micro-segments – filtering out interests and behaviours that did not eventuate in either a click on an ad or a conversion on the website. From those segments, we created look-a-like audiences, filled with customers similar to those micro-segments who were more likely to click or convert to a warm lead. An integrated media strategy then ensured these native articles were placed where our microsegments would see them and then click through to our website.


Digital metrics indicated that our customer’s information needs were being met through our online educational content and we had significantly more people clicking on our ads and converting into leads.

Overall, our strategy achieved outcomes above and beyond initial objectives; we helped to lift Benetas out of a downturn in client growth, and created a sustainable pipeline of new customers.

Monthly results grew against benchmarks:

  • Website visits up 686%
  • Website browsing time up 142%
  • Phone and email enquiries up 43%
  • Home care package client admissions up 55%

Website visits increased eightfold

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Visits to home care pages grew by 50% each month without an incremental increase in budget. Monthly web visits grew from 652 in December 2018, to over 11,000 in April 2019. The monthly average was 7485, 686% more than the original benchmark of 952.

Website engagement doubled

The digital campaign and use of the DMP data insights brought a highly engaged audience to the website, as seen by the longer browsing times. The monthly average increased from 2:17 min to 5:27 min (up 142%).

Online conversions growing

The number of online conversions (‘contact us’ form submissions and clicks to call) increased by 36%, from an average of 22 per month to 30 per month

Enquiries increased

After reaching a low of 97 enquiries in December 2018, enquiries received at our customer centre increased, from 221 average enquiries to 316 enquiries per month (up 43%)

The Benetas customer centre staff were much busier than usual responding to home care enquiries. Whilst some of these enquiries were from individuals ‘information gathering’ at the beginning of their home care journey, others were ready to sign up. The home care regional locations also began to book more appointments to meet customers in their homes to discuss Benetas services. We value engaging and advising people no matter what stage they are on their home care journey, as these people are more likely to choose Benetas when they do obtain funding.

Client admissions beginning to grow significantly

Our experience shows a significant lag from people enquiring to them becoming a client, therefore the number of people to join Benetas each month slowly improved, picking up in March and April. By the end of April, Benetas achieved client growth for the first time since May 2018. This will grow further in the coming months as people progress through the buying cycle.

Customers were engaged with educational content online

The average time spent on all home care web pages increased to over 5 minutes, from 2 minutes, indicating that the online news articles were meeting customer’s information needs. These articles were the top most viewed pages on the website between January-April 2019. Staff members who attended appointments with customers noted many of these people were printing out articles and referring to them for guidance.

The DMP found the right audiences to target

The DMP micro-segments and look-a-like audiences that were deemed stronger leads were served native, display and Google Ads. The rich insights provided by the DMP also allowed us to serve the best performing creative in real-time and at the right time in the customer buying cycle.

Displaying our ads to these highly targeted audiences enabled us to achieve a much higher click-through-rate on ads. For example, In February DMP audiences used for native resulted in a click-through-rate of 9.6%, compared to a click-through rate of only 0.7% from non-DMP audiences.

Channels were tested and optimised for improved performance

Native advertising was the strongest performer of all digital media trialled, bringing the most people to our website, and the most engaged audience. The percentage of people who saw one of the native ads and clicked through to the website was 16% (in March) – a stark contrast to the industry benchmark of 0.2%. The average website browsing time post click was 5:27 minutes (up from 50 seconds in the six months prior), indicating that the correct audience had been served the ad, clicked and had found the content valuable.

We continue to refine our messages and placements based on response data. Across all media, ad message and creative variations that weren’t performing as well as others were turned off, leaving more budget for ads that resonated.

We are Next Level Online Marketing – an Online Marketing Agency based in Melbourne.

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