Customer Journey Multi Brand Strategy | Meyer Brands Case Study

Jun 18, 2020

At A Glance

At Next Level we are proud of the amazing work we get to do with our clients. We are always keen to showcase our collaborations. We have a strong understanding of the cookware and home appliance space. We work closely with Meyer Brands; Circulon, Anolon, Essteele and Raco and the retailer Cookware Brands to develop and build out our unique multi brand strategy. 

This strategy explains how we grew Meyer’s online revenue by 22.8% and increased the 4 brands ROAS by 30.3%. 

About Our Client

Meyer Cookware is a group that has four sub-brands; Anolon, Circulon, Essteele & Raco and one online retailer; Cookware Brands. They target different types of customers, with prices and features tailored for their target audience. As their digital marketing agency it is our objective to market their products online and develop a better understanding of the customer journey process.

Media Execution

To achieve their business objectives, we used our specialised data services. We mainly used our Customer Journey attribution tool and our DMP (Lotame) service to provide data and insights to direct how we should be marketing online.

Our reports showed that there were opportunities to invest in upper funnel channels especially display, social media and catch-up TV. We created a year-long seasonal marketing plan analysing data on cross-brand interactivity, we were able to set up a complex chain of retargeting campaigns that would cross-sell and upsell different brands to high-value customer segments. 


The reports from the data and results painted a clear picture of underinvestment in upper funnel channels, especially display, social media and catch-up TV. So we created a year-long seasonal marketing plan, with peaks in top of funnel advertising at key times of the year (such as before major sales and common events), with a full-funnel approach that took into consideration the customer journey.

Furthermore, as we received data on cross-brand interactivity, we were able to set up a complex chain of retargeting campaigns that would cross-sell and upsell different brands to high-value customer segments. As an example, we found on average, the buyers of one sub-brand of Meyer had a significantly higher average order value when exposed to other sub-brands throughout the research phase rather than just the one.

Media Services 

  • Customer Journey and Cross Brand Journey Tool
  • Data Management Platform
  • Google Ads – Shopping 
  • Google Ads – Search 
  • Youtube
  • Catchup TV – Across channels Nine, Seven, Ten
  • Display InMarket ( PMP) & Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Banners & Video
    • Shopping & Dynamic

How We Developed Our Own Customer Journey Tool To Drive Media Strategy 

Why Customer Journey? – Attribution is a key headache for every marketer and advertiser. How valuable is the media chosen and how is that affected by the media mix in each ad campaign?

There are many different forms of attribution modelling. Our technology stands out because it takes into consideration the steps that lead to the conversion, the length of the process, the average order values and how many journeys were taken.

We set up Customer Journey as a custom data warehouse that tracked the data on how customers engaged with our ads and websites, each customer was mapped to unique identifiers, using a mix of cookie & device id matching. This essentially gave us visibility over the customer and their journey; we could see what touchpoints they made, how many they made them and the length of time between them.

To be able to track each of the different points throughout the journey we tagged our ads with impression & click trackers. From this tagging we are able to track the touchpoints when a customer interacts with the ads (both impressions and clicks where possible). 


This would be a typical conversion journey a customer might take

The diagram is a visual representation of the different Customer Paths



Online Revenue Growth Across the 4 brands.


Online Return On Ad Spend Growth Across the 4 brands.

By applying these insights to our digital advertising campaigns we were able to show notable improvements year on year across Meyer’s 4 brands. Even with a -7% reduction in media spend the online revenue grew by +22.8% and increased the 4 brands ROAS by +30.3%. 

This evidence based strategy was able to provide hard evidence and data to inform how we would develop the strategy to get the best possible returns for all the brands from a conversion standpoint. This is heavily tied to performance based marketing and so Brand awareness and increase in brand value is another thing to consider in this mix. 

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