Media Attribution Technology | Customer Journey

Attribution is a common headache for every marketer and advertiser. We are always trying to understand how valuable our chosen media is and how it is affected by the media channels we use in each ad campaign.

Our team at Next Level has developed an attribution tool that allows you to showcase the different steps a customer takes on their journey to conversion.

There are different forms of attribution modelling, our technology showcases the  series of touch points a customer takes before making a conversion. It shows how many steps a customer takes in their journey, as well as showcasing the average order value.

Our proprietary Customer Journey tool solves two core business challenges.

  1. How do you justify and evaluate the value of digital advertising channels?

At NLOM we know how important it is to understand the value of the channel you are using to advertise on. Our customer journey tool separates each advertising channel and shows how effective each was in contributing to your customers conversion journey.

Our Customer Journey tool also allows you to understand the role of each individual channel by analysing it’s performance metrics such as dollar value and time-frame for each conversion journey type, as well as  the order and sequence of the customer conversion path. 

  1. How can you track performance across multiple brands?

By defining our data and combining it into an optimal marketing mix it will allow our brands to drive holistic success.

The Below diagram is an example of a Group that is able to see the overlap and correlation between different brands

How Customer Journey Works

We set up our Customer Journey software as a custom data warehouse that tracks data on how customers engage with our client’s ads and websites. Each customer is mapped to unique identifiers, using a mix of cookie & device ids. This essentially gives us visibility over the customer and their journey; we can see what touchpoints there are, how many there are and the length of time between them.

To be able to track each of the different touch points throughout the journey we tag our ads with impression & click trackers. From this tagging we are able to track the touchpoints when a customer interacts with the ads (both impressions and clicks where possible). 

From the ability to track unique identifiers, cross referencing cookies and device ID / IP addresses, which allows us to anonymously identify new and returning users. We regularly touch base on the Customer Journey tools on each brand and we then evaluate the top conversion journeys in relation to volume but also analyse the top journeys as drivers of revenue.

This would be a typical conversion journey a customer might take

What It Does

Customer Journey is an attribution tool that can anonymously identify unique users on site and cross reference their behaviour when interacting with paid media. This understanding of the touchpoints a customer has gone through even before they have gotten to site allows a much deeper understanding. Knowing the type of customer they are helps us as marketers better cater to their journey, helping the brands to become much more efficient at reaching their revenue and Lead Gen goals. 

The Diagram is a visual representation of the different Customer Paths

So why understand your Customer Journey?

At Next Level Online Marketing we are all about data. We use multiple platforms and programs to ensure that our advertisements are reaching the best audiences and are ultimately influencing conversions. Our customer journey software allows us to show the story behind a customer’s conversion. We can see when someone first saw your advertisement and how many hours or days it took for them to return to make a conversion. Our tool works especially well as it tracks impressions on banners, an option many attribution tools struggle with. With our technology you can understand the full customer journey your consumers take before converting. 

The next step after understanding your customer journey is learning how to optimise it. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to optimise your digital marketing and advertising strategies.