Cross Channel Marketing 101

Sep 9, 2019

Why do you need cross channel marketing? 

Most marketers think channel. This is in part because the platform suppliers are channel-based.  These are ad words in search, YouTube in video, LinkedIn or Facebook for social, and a wide array of suppliers for native ads. Our ad investments are allocated based on channel.  Our measurements such as CTR, engagement and reach, and even ROI are usually measured by channel.

Unfortunately, your typical customer does not think that way.  Instead, they have interest or needs that may develop into research, product search, education, comparison, validation, pricing and or purchasing decision.  

The channel they use is determined by convenience, lifestyle, timing, the type of content they consume etc.

The purchasing journey may be a short one, measured in minutes for impulsive buys, to weeks or months for considered purchases.  Each channel has a unique strength in specific stages of a customer journey.

Tabled below is a summary that describes what each channel is best suited for.

Customer JourneyBest ChannelsDuration
considerationdisplay-awareness, nativedays-hrs
validationsocial, influencer blogsmins
researchblog, display-awarenesshrs-mins
product searchsearch engines, display-retargetingmins
comparisonsearch engines, display-retargetingmins
pricingyour site, reseller site, discount sitemins
purchase CTAdisplay-retargeting, emailmins-sec
signup CTAsocial, display-retargetingmins-sec

Channels explained

The value of Display channel is in the volume of traffic.  On a typical high traffic publisher (such as news, entertainment & shopping sites), finding and connecting with your target audience on any one of the display ad networks is very good.   This makes display network an idea platform for acquisition. It is also a platform for retargeting.   

Furthermore, the native channel is particularly useful for educational or advertorial content.  It can illustrate the reasons (such as lifestyle, features) or use case of your product (such as benefits).

Influencers’ comments or posts on social channels or on their blog, would provide validation and social proof of your product to your target audience.   

Video platforms offer a unique combination of entertainment and education, and they are ideal to generate early stage interest.

Next step

Is your current channel fulfilling your marketing objectives?   Can you find your customers on these channels?

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