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Over the years we have worked with some of the leading brands in their industries. Developing some strong relationships and intellectual property knowledge.

The Major industries we work with are within FMCG (food & drink), Beauty & Wellness, CPG (products), Homewares & Appliances, Health, Finance, Education, Property and Parenting Industries.

Apple iOS 14 & Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising will be affected by the Apple iOS 14 privacy release   So what’s the big deal? Apple is launching their newest update, the iOS14 Privacy release, the main purpose of this release is the offering new features, with…
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Changes to Data Collection Laws

There has been a lot of talk around new data collection laws and many statements have been made from the ACCC here in Australia and privately owned data giants like Google, Facebook and Apple. Data ownership and data collection greatly…
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The two speed economy and what that means for your marketing strategy

The two speed economy and what that means for your marketing strategy As you have most likely heard, the Australian economy like most other economies around the world is facing a recession, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With the newest…
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Marketing Technology

MarTech is the key to your competitive advantage in the market What is Marketing Technology? Mar Tech for short. Is a broad term used to encompass many tools and technologies to better help marketing managers to leverage, plan, execute and…
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Australian Advertising Guidelines – What you need to know

What you need to know   The Australian Digital Advertising Practices have been designed and created by a cross-industry team of advertisers, agencies, digital publishers, ad tech vendors and subject matter experts. They have been created to ensure that Australian…
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Multi Channel Strategy

How To Approach Your Marketing Strategy Holistically   Multichannel marketing is about executing a single strategy across multiple marketing channels or advertising media. Many marketers and advertisers implement a multi channel strategy to reach their customers across the many touch…
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Customer Journey

Media Attribution Technology | Customer Journey Attribution is a common headache for every marketer and advertiser. We are always trying to understand how valuable our chosen media is and how it is affected by the media channels we use in…
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Customer Journey Multi Brand Strategy | Meyer Brands Case Study

At A Glance At Next Level we are proud of the amazing work we get to do with our clients. We are always keen to showcase our collaborations. We have a strong understanding of the cookware and home appliance space.…
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The New Normal for Homewares and Appliances Brands

Coming out of COVID-19 and entering this new normal there are a lot of questions being raised. For most brands it is how will we adapt to this new normal? Before you can adapt to the new normal it is…
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