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Our Proprietary Customer
Journey Tool

Our Proprietary Customer Journey Tool provides a detailed understanding of the touchpoints, the media attribution and the timeframe it takes for a customer to convert or interact with your brand online.

This Customer Journey tracking technology has proved to be extremely successful and customisable. It has helped many of our clients form more accurate pricing models, product development and range planning. We have discovered in-depth insights with Multi-brand clients, understand Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) as well as stitch together the Offline and Online Journey.

What Data And Insight Will My Brand Gain From Tracking The Customer Journey?

There are many different forms of attribution modelling and use cases with this tool. It showcases the series of touchpoints a customer takes along their conversion journey. It also shows how much time the customer takes in their journey, as well as showing the average order value.

Number of Touchpoints

The simplest form of data tracking where we see how many ads a customer either saw or clicked on in the progression of their conversion journey. The truly valuable thing here is that we can see at an advanced level touch points such as the Impression of a display or native ad on Google’s DV360 platform.

Sequence Of Touchpoints

In combination with purchase data you can understand what stages in the marketing funnel help to drive the highest value customers through their decisions in the most effective way. It can also help to plan out the ad messaging to be more relevant and effective.

Time To Conversion

Brands want to know how long and how many times a customer needs to engage with ads along their purchase journey. Understanding how long that cycle is, helps to better understand audiences, channels and campaigns and where to best invest budget and time.

Conversion Value

This is crucial to understand the true value of your customer types as well as the value that each ad plays in that purchase journey. With this you have the right arsenal to provide these insights back to your business and show precisely how the bottom line is affected.

Ad Channel Attribution

The NLOM Customer Journey tool allows you to understand the role of each individual channel by analysing the touchpoints, sequence, time taken and order value for each conversion type.

Our Customer Journey tool is a customised database that tracks data and stitches together how customers engage with our client’s ads and websites. Each customer is mapped to unique identifiers, using a mix of cookie, device and many more ids. This essentially gives us visibility over the customer and their journey from the first look to the final purchase.

Example snapshot of the Customer Journey Touchpoint Journey Data

To track each of the different touch points throughout the journey we tag our ads with impression & click trackers. From this tagging, we are able to track the touchpoints when a customer interacts with the ads (both impressions and clicks where possible).

It tracks unique identifiers, cross-reference cookies, device IDs, IP addresses and anonymously identifies new and returning users. We regularly touch base on the Customer Journey tools for each brand and evaluate the top conversion journeys in relation to volume, but also analyse the top journeys as drivers of revenue.

Example snapshot of the Customer Journey channel influence data

“Understanding the digital behaviour of your customers helps you in retargeting lower funnel opportunities. Tracking their digital journeys provides you with a true measure of cost vs return, and a more efficient way to allocate your media spend.”

Andrew Wong – Head Of Data at NLOM

Customer Lifetime Value

How much are your customers really worth? How can you understand the difference between your returning customers and new customers? How much would you be willing to pay for a new customer that had the same profile as your loyal customers?

There are so many ways that using this Customer Lifetime Value dashboard can help solve these questions.

This is especially important for brands that are unclear about their repeat and new customers. It is so valuable to understand things like how frequent loyal customers purchase, what they purchase in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd time etc. Does their basket value increase or decrease over time. How often do they purchase from you etc. This is something every marketer thinks of but very few are able to actually see what is really going on.

The insights that a Customer Lifetime Value report can provide are invaluable. There are so many actionable insights that brands can use to guide their long term marketing strategies and more.

Example snapshot of the Customer Journey Customer Lifetime Value extract

Online & Offline Journey

At NLOM we have retail and brand clients with many sales avenues, combining ecommerce onsite, with instore purchases or even in other retail chains. So mapping all of those purchasing methods can at times seem impossible, but super valuable.

We have some strategies and tricks up our sleeves to help stitch that together. To understand what online shoppers look like, how they behave, what they buy, as well as what the offline customers look like, how they behave and what they are likely to buy. There is some data modelling and campaign structures that help us see what advertising may have influenced the offline purchase. Get in contact if you are keen to learn more.

Example snapshot of the Online and Offline Audience breakdown

Gain Actionable Insight For Your Ad Content

Here’s an example of how CJ can help stitch all those different touch points together so you can understand what creative is working.

As you know people don’t make decisions in a vacuum, there are so many touchpoints and layers of messages across different channels that help customers form decisions about what purchase they will make and what brand to choose, where to buy etc. So understanding that breakdown of some of the top touch points along that journey will help brands gain insight and know what is working and what they need to test more of in the ad messages.

Put simply our Ad Tech will give you the edge

We’ll keep things simple and transparent for you so you can focus on your core objectives. Industry-leading reporting tools provide in-depth data that marketers crave.

Programmatic Advertising is made possible and more effective with the use of the MarTech Tools and Customer Data we provide you.

What does this mean for you as a
Marketing Manager?

There are so many options out there to choose from and you need to take into account your Business and Marketing needs. So you need to step back, take a look at your overall marketing objective and identify the key areas of automation and insight that will help you gain the best edge and results.

Below is the most shared MarTech Slide coined the MarTech 5000.

We find that Customer-Centric focus MarTech tools help to gain deeper insights for marketers looking to continually improve their brand, revenue and scale up their offerings.

“There are no shortages of standalone ad tech platforms. NLOM provides the two missing pieces – profile and tracking, that will be used to deliver an overall better marketing ROI.”

Andrew Wong – Head Of Data at NLOM

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