Context is everything

The holy grail of media buying has always been to only pay for the ads that deliver results. For 50 years above-the-line media reached for this goal but fell short. Online media holds the promise, however, for many advertisers, it still falls short. Why? Context.


is everything


Understanding who your target audience is, where and when is the best time to influence their decision and how to drive brand reputation and sales opportunities is the next level in online marketing.

Why Context is everything

When and where your marketing messaging appears, and how they appear has a more significant impact on the success of your marketing than anything else. The best time to begin to influence your target audiences’ behaviour is when they are seeking a solution to a problem, not necessarily when they are ready to purchase. If you wait until a potential new customer is willing to buy, chances are you are too late. Influencing potential new customers at the genesis of their discovery journey is key to them making an emotional commitment to your product or service.
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