How To Approach Your Marketing Strategy Holistically

Multichannel marketing is about executing a single strategy across multiple marketing channels or advertising media. Many marketers and advertisers implement a multi channel strategy to reach their customers across the many touch points and media they consume.

For example you are in the education industry and your business goal is to attract more enquiries for enrolment. LinkedIn ads are a great way to drive leads but you shouldn’t bank on them alone. Those potential students may be looking on LinkedIn but they are also browsing on certain websites, reading Native ads and seeing Display banners. They are also on Facebook and listening to Spotify. As marketers it is important to understand the best way to appeal to your audience on many digital platforms, influencing them at all stages of media consumption. This is where you can truly take your marketing strategy to the next level. It is important to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and continuously optimise it to ensure the best results.

So what’s the goal of a multi channel strategy?

The goal is to give consumers a choice, and to allow them to buy media when and where they want. When planning out your multi-channel marketing strategy the key things all Marketing Managers need to consider are;

  • What are your Business Long Term, Mid Term and Short Term Goals / KPIs / Revenue targets? 
  • Who is your ideal customer? What segments do they break down into? 
  • What does the Customer need and expect from your business and how can you better serve their experience? 
  • What market level trends impact your strategy and how customers perceive you?
  • What touch points do your customers use and how would they expect to be approached? 

It is important to consider the full customer experience. To do that, you need to take a step back and set in place tracking tools that will help you understand your customers’ journey in real time. Then you can evaluate and adapt your approach to provide a better service to your customer, plus reach your Marketing KPIs and targets. Below are some of the top actions Mckinsey Company recommend in managing the customer experience.

  • Anticipate the customer’s needs, expectations, and desires during each part of the journey.
  • Build an understanding of what is working and what is not.
  • Set priorities for the most important gaps and opportunities to improve the journey.
  • Come to grips with fixing root-cause issues and pivoting to redesign the journeys for a better end-to-end experience.

Despite the complexity, the customer journey can be broken down into moments that reveal the how, why and where people are making purchase decisions. Google’s research revealed that the average range of touchpoints for products and services was 2.8, with laptops and TV sets having a much wider range.

Next Level’s Advice:

As marketers we know that the more opportunities you have to interact with prospective customers has a much better chance of performing well. A holistic strategy implemented across different media channels is a great start. However, the more steps you add to your strategy the more complex it becomes. It is recommended to employ the insight of a specialist who understands the different ways your audience expects to interact with you and offers an in-depth strategy to reach your customer on each step of their digital journey.

At Next Level Online Marketing we believe in evidence based and data-led strategies to help guide business growth. We are a data driven, attribution and technology agency dedicated to helping businesses scale up with their online marketing and media buying.

On top of the highly customised platforms we also use our in depth knowledge in digital marketing and advertising to buy media and serve ads.

See some of the options we offer below:

To learn more about how to integrate with digital medium and integrate a holistic offline and online strategy, Next Level Online Marketing can help to serve one part of that piece. We can help you market across the entire digital media landscape. We are more than just a Google and Facebook Premium Partner. We have integrated our own customer data tools to gain a deeper insight into who your audience segments are and how they are interacting with our advertising as well as your site. Learn more about our Customer Journey Tools or Data Management Platform.


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