We were challenged with increasing online store revenue by 40% in a competitive retailer market. Using our data technology and an onmi-channel advertising approach, we achieved a 102% Increase in conversion rate from paid traffic and 186% increase in revenue


The Challenge

Alpha-H know how important it is to maintain a direct relationship with the customer. They understand their ecommerce store is also competing with other retailers that are also selling their products at discounts.

Key To Success

Growing ecommerce revenue and owning the relationship with the customer in a competitive market.

Grow Revenue 

Acquire New Customers

Increase Lifetime Value

“With their omni-channel approach to performance marketing, customer data platform and data insights team, nlom significantly increased the performance of our website in a short amount of time”

– Emma Prizeman |  Alpha-H  |  Head Of Digital & Ecommerce

The Brief

Grow monthly online store revenue by 40%


For Alpha-H to reach their revenue growth goal, we used an omni channel approach and our Tech Stack of DMP and Customer Journey to better understand the ecommerce customers demographic and behavioural makeup. Making the most of those customer centric opportunities.


Audience funnel: 

      • DMP Behavioural Opportunity Audiences
      • Lookalikes from High Value Customers (using customer Lifetime Value) 
      • Retargeting DMP Audiences
      • Retain existing customers 


Increased Revenue


IncreaseD Conversion Rate from Paid Channels



  • Driving high quality new traffic using DMP insights and more intelligent retargeting via Lifetime Value insights, we were able to achieve greater conversions rates across all paid channels 
  • 186% increase in revenue, which exceeding the 40% growth goal 
  • Understanding the purchase behaviour to make the most of when consumers will be ready to buy
  • Reaching audiences across different channels to drive penetration and increase conversion rates 

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